Editorial photography are images accompanied by text. If both elements are executed well, together they tell a story, create a mood and evoke an emotional response.

A professional photographer understands how to create mood and evoke emotion in images; creating a connection with the words, and with the viewer.

This applies to a single image, a series of images taken for a campaign, a particular theme associated with a season or style, and extending to brand libraries.




A professional photographer brings to the table technical expertise and planning skills.

They also bring a deep understanding of how light, colour and composition interplay to create a mood from dark and mysterious to bright and colourful.



Not all images contain a human or people interacting; and they don’t need to in order to convey strong emotions in the viewer’s heart.

If there are people included, the important thing is to capture the emotions in people’s faces and body language; and maintain consistency with all the other elements that make up the image. This allows the viewer to add their own story – their emotions and feelings, thus deepening the connection.