A lot of work, resources and cost can go into the creation of a marketing strategy, or specific campaign. Much attention is paid to all the different elements – content, messaging, branding, call to action – from creating awareness through to sale. In a highly competitive market place where it is difficult to stand out, your visual story telling must support and be consistent with all the other elements. It needs to resonate and be compelling.

Here are five reasons why great brand images form an essential pillar in your strategy:

  • Typically you have 3 seconds to make an impression on your website or social media sites. Do your photos instantly portray the story you want to tell? Do they connect the viewer with your brand? Are they of good quality and well composed? If not, the viewer will instantly pick up on this and click off.
  • Photography forms part of your brands visual identity – the same as your logo, typography, colour palette, content and messaging. Images that are not consistent in colouring, style, composition and content will jar the viewer and dilute your message. You wouldn’t muck around with your logo – why do it with your images.
  • Tailored and specific images of your business consistently out-perform stock images when it comes to holding attention. Stock photography is overused. These photos are easily recognisable, often sanitized, and well, just not real. Often they are not culturally or geographically representative of your business and where it operates. So they won’t gel with potential customers.
  • Your business grows, changes and evolves over time. If your images have not kept pace with change, or are not current, it may be time to refresh to more contemporary images, and will provide your audience something new to look at and consider. It helps to give your website and social media sites a boost by adding new and relevant content too.
  • We live in a time of constantly evolving technology, allowing new ways to connect with your audience. A qualified, professional photographer is abreast of the different mediums and formats in which images can be used, and can tailor photography to optimise images for those different mediums. One size doesn’t fit all, what is good for Instagram won’t work for print.

Photography is a key pillar to the creation of a successful and cohesive marketing strategy. Engaging with a photographer early in the creation of your strategy ensures the images that represent your brand are effective, meaningful and on target with your message.